Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Villages
Full Sutton and Skirpenbeck Villages

Fancy a stroll, why not try one of our local walks?

We are very lucky to have some of the UK's best walking paths close by in the East Riding, but if you fancy something right on your door step, then why not try one of the walks below. For the enjoyment of all if you do take you dog along with you, please be sure to clean up after them.

The Woodland Walk

This easy, circular walk which was created and is maintained by HMP Full Sutton is approximately one mile in length and very popular. If it has been raining water proof footwear is recommended as both the field and the woodland can be muddy.

Start of the Woodland walk

Start by walking to the end of Glebe Ave, at the top of the road you will see a gap between the houses and the field beyond. In the summertime HMP Full Sutton allow the majority of the grass to grow fully to support local wildlife but you will find a number of walking paths mowed. Watch out it can be very muddy and wet as you step onto the field if there has been rain.

Follow the path up the incline



Following the path directly ahead will take you up a small incline in the direction of the woodland. After a short walk you will see the entrance to the Woodland walk.  

Entrance to the Woodland walk


To access the Woodland walk you need to cross a stile (but there is an “unofficial” path around the side of the gate if you find it difficult). Once past the gate turn right and you will see the well-defined path between the trees.

First view of the Woodland walk


The path is very easy to follow, the official route between the trees is lined with logs and is kept flat and pretty clear. There are a number of other “unofficial” paths to be seen but who knows where they go. Watch out for mud when it has been damp for a few days.

The short cut back


After a few minutes of walking you will see a path branching off to the right. This short cut back takes about a third of a mile off the walk, handy if you have smaller children with you.

Walk alongside the field

The return route takes you along the side of a large field, please stay on the right hand side of the field. On the left hand side you will see the outer boundary fence of HMP Full Sutton clearly marked. It makes life a lot easier for the team at the prison if nobody shows up on the CCTV walking alongside the fence for obvious reasons.

Another gate marks the end of the trees

When you pass the second gate and leave the woodland section of the walk you need to turn right. While a walk to the left might look interesting please be aware this takes you directly on to the active runway of Full Sutton Flying Club. Please take care to ensure that you do not venture onto or near the runway area as this would be very dangerous for both you and any aircraft.

The end of the wooded section of the walk



If you decide to give the short cut a miss a few more minutes of gentle strolling will bring the end of the woodland section of the walk in sight.

The other side of the short cut


After a while the path changes direction and if you look to your left you will see where the short cut comes out. Keep following the path alongside the field.   

The choice at the end of the walk


Before long you will find yourself back at the start with the first gate on your left and a choice of 3 paths (in the summertime). Which way you go is up to you, straight on is the quickest way but right brings you to the same place at the top of Glebe Ave or be it by a longer route around the field. Left will take you down towards HMP Full Sutton.